Nicki LaFoille

The Boxy Tee

Nicki LaFoille
Duration:   35  mins

Making your own boxy tee pattern based on your own measurements and then sewing a boxy tee shirt from fun fabric of your choice can be quick and easy. Nicki LaFoille shows you how.

Boxy Tee Pattern

Nicki begins by showing how to create your own boxy tee pattern and explains some of the tools you will need. The main pattern itself starts with a large rectangle of fabric, and the amount of fabric you will need depends on the size of the shirt you will be making. Some of the tools you will need include marking pens or pencils and several rulers. Nicki recommends having a long straight ruler as well as a French curve ruler for easily drawing in the curved neckline areas of the boxy tee pattern.

Nicki then shows how to cut out the fabric for the main body of the tee as well as the fabric needed to bind and finish the edges of the tee. She explains that she used contrasting fabric for these areas to add an extra pop of color to her boxy tee, however, this shirt can be made from all the same fabric. Nicki also talks about the type of fabric she likes to use and where she gets her fun fabric prints.

Once you have the boxy tee pattern created and the fabric cut out, Nicki shows how to construct the shirt. She explains what kind of stitches you will need to use because of the type of fabric used for this shirt. Nicki shows how to sew the shirt together and then how to finish all of the edges.