Rachael Teufel

Using Textured Mats and Rolling Pins with Fondant

Rachael Teufel
Duration:   18  mins

Textured mats and rolling pins are the fastest and easiest way to add pattern and texture to your next cake. They are available in a wide variety of materials and styles to easily create anything from modern geometric patterns, to lifelike wood and animal print, or a classic quilted motif.

In this lesson, cake designer Rachael Teufel discusses how to achieve precise designs in a matter of moments on buttercream, fondant, or modeling chocolate with a rolling pin and mats of varying depths. Follow along as she demonstrates a number of different styles in a side-by-side comparison on modeling chocolate and fondant.

Rachael shares tip and tricks on the amount of pressure needed, keeping mats from sticking without impeding the design, avoiding stretching and skewing while peeling them off, and how to line them up to increase the size and fix any bare areas. She also includes information on different types of applications and how to select the proper technique to maintain impression on your next cake. For more information on paneling, check out Rachael’s videos on Paneling Round Cakes with Fondant and Paneling Square Cakes with Fondant.