Ashley Hough

Sewing with Texture

Ashley Hough
Sewing with Texture
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In this session Ashley will give a brief overview of the different kinds of texture techniques you will learn in this class. She will show samples of each as well as show projects that each type of texture can be used on. Ashley will also show you all of the materials and supplies needed for each technique.

In this session you will learn how to sew wave tucks. Ashley will show you how to cut, stitch and press your fabric so tucks can be made. She will then demonstrate how the tucks can be made in different areas across a project to make different looks.

Ruffles can be made in several ways and in this session Ashley will demonstrate three different ways. She will show you how to stitch the ruffles as well as different ways to attach a ruffle to a project. She will then show you a project that uses all three kinds of ruffles cohesively.

In this session you will learn how to shirr fabric using elastic thread. Ashley will show you how to mark your fabric and prepare it for stitching. She will then go over the adjustments that need to be made on your sewing machine before using elastic thread.

In this session you will learn how to smock fabric in a traditional honeycomb pattern. Ashley demonstrates a smocking method that allows you to make all markings on the wrong side of the fabric while stitching on the right side.

In this session you will learn how to create several different Canadian smocking designs. Ashley will show you how to read a smocking grid pattern, how to prepare your fabric and how to create the stitching pattern.

6 Lessons
1  hrs 21  mins

In this class you will learn several different ways to add texture to your next sewing project. Instructor Ashley Hough will begin by going over all of the materials and tools needed to complete each of the different texture techniques.

You will first learn how to create wave tucks and see how they can be used in a fun decorative table runner.

The next texture technique Ashley will teach you is three different ways to create ruffles and the best way to attach them to a project. For this section you will see how all three ruffles can be combined onto one project and still look cohesive. The project for this section is an apron and the pattern is provided.

Ashley will then show you how to shirr fabric on your sewing machine using elastic thread. She will show you how to prepare the fabric and explain what adjustments need to be made to your machine. Pre-shirred fabric can also be purchased at some fabric stores and Ashley explains how either can be used to make a quick and easy sun dress.

Finally, Ashley will teach you several different hand sewing texture techniques in the form of traditional and Canadian smocking. She will demonstrate how to read a smocking grid pattern, how to prepare your fabric and how to complete the stitching.

Ashley Hough

Ashley has sewn for years. Her mother taught her at a very young age. When first starting out, she stuck to mastering commercial patterns before venturing into creating her own. Her patterns have been featured in <em>Sew News</em>, <em>Sew It All</em>, and she has even been on <em>Sew It All TV</em>. Quilting is somewhat new to Ashley, but she dove in head first – coming up with an original design for her first quilt that included curved seams and hand appliqué! She was even lucky enough to have it featured in one of Quilty’s "This is My Quilt" episodes. Ashley loves all things crafty, from sewing to knitting, crochet to quilting, and everything in between. When she isn’t working on a new project or learning a different technique she loves teaching her passion to others.

Ashley Hough

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