Basting a Quilt

Peg Spradlin
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Duration:   11  mins

Peg Spradlin teaches you how to baste a quilt to get it ready for machine quilting. She begins by finding the center of your table and then folds your fabric in order to find the center of your quilt fabric.

Basting A Quilt

Watch as Peg continues the process of basting a quilt by pinning the center of the backing and then taping the backing fabric to the table. She continues using large binder clips to secure the fabric to the table at the table edges. When basting a quilt it is important to remove all the wrinkles from the edges of the fabric backing. She explains that the fabric should be tight.

The same process is used for folding and finding the center of your batting material.

Then lay out the top fabric and smooth with the grain when positioning the quilt before basting a quilt. Peg explains that curved safety pins make for excellent results when securing the three layers of a quilt.