Power Ball

Chris Freytag
Duration:   27  mins


Equipment needed:

  • Mat
  • Stability Ball

Are you ready for some powerful bootcamp circuit training? Then this heart-pumping routine is the one for you. Powerball is an invigorating strength-training workout that uses a stability ball for added balance work (and fun!). You’ll also need a set of dumbbells for this bootcamp circuit training workout, and Chris will recommend that you go heavy if you can. Consider this a fun, total body workout that will help you sculpt a lean, strong body!

A circuit-style workout strings a series of exercises together with little rest in between, helping you get more done in less time. Before you begin, Chris will guide you through a quick warm-up to wake up your body with moves like squats and lunges. Your first circuit will start with overhead squats using the stability ball, which works your back extensors in addition to the total-body work of a basic squat. Next it’s on to moves like crunches on the stability ball, which work the low abs in order to give you a lean, defined core.

The remaining circuits combine to give you an unparalleled total body workout: from chest-flies which work your arms, shoulders, and core; to prayer roll-outs which will have you feeling the burn in your core, glutes and legs, every one of these targeted moves will help you get a full body workout like none other. Chris will provide different modifications for different skill levels and help you set the pace that feels best for you during this bootcamp circuit training workout.

The more muscle on your body, the more calories you burn at rest—so workouts like this bootcamp circuit training routine are key to building muscle and revving your metabolism. Chris will guide you through the entire routine, acting as your very own personal trainer, mentioning specific modifications for every fitness level and giving you plenty of encouragement to give it your all.