Sunset Photography Tips

Doug Gardner
Duration:   6  mins

Are you a beginner photographer or a seasoned expert wanting to expand your visual horizons? Are you eager to learn some additional wildlife photography tips?

Then take a trip in a flat-bottomed skiff through the North Carolina coastal waters as pro photographers Doug Gardner and Jared Lloyd take you to the remote outer bank and show you some exciting sunset photography tips. As Jared explains, “To find the best photo opportunities, you have to be willing to get off the beaten path, get off the road, and immerse yourself in your environment and explore.”

For his sunset photography tips, Doug recommends scouting a good location, then setting up your camera and tripod early. He says, “It pays to get into position so you have a shooting plan before the sun begins gets too close to the horizon.”

Doug and Jared will teach you several sunset photography tips:

  • – How to spot meter the brightest part of the sky that does not include the sun.
  • – How to shoot from a low angle for creative composition.
  • – How to set your exposure to achieve striking color saturation.
  • – The pitfalls of contrast and the solutions.
  • – The importance of 2-stop and reverse neutral-density filters.
  • – Experimenting with long exposures to eliminate water ripples and create a glass-like surface.

The guys recommend using a foreground object for drama. In this video it’s a lone, craggy tree in shallow water. Jared shows you how to employ your camera’s live view to line up lens filters and arrange the overall composition. And, as the sun fades, he suggests using longer exposures to create opportunities for black and white conversion.

In addition to these sunset photography tips, nature shooter Doug Gardner advises, “It’s not just about a photograph. It’s about the outdoor experience.” So dial in and experience sunset photography with our experts.


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