Ultimate Intervals

Chris Freytag
Duration:   36  mins

Are you ready for Ultimate Intervals? This intense 35-minute bodyweight interval workout doesn’t require any equipment and will challenge you with moves that work every muscle in your body! Interval workouts utilize intense bursts of activity followed by brief rest intervals to get your heart pumping and burn calories. Led by Lindsey Bomgren and Chris Freytag, Ultimate Intervals might just become your new favorite workout!

This bodyweight interval workout uses quite a bit of plyometric work, but modifications will be provided so you can still get an amazing workout if you don’t want to leave the ground. You’ll begin with a warm-up that includes arm circles, squats, and jumping jacks to get your heart rate elevated and warm up those joints and muscles. Lindsey will prep you for the workout ahead and encourage you to keep your core tight throughout the entire routine.

There are three total circuits in this bodyweight interval workout, with each one containing four exercises. You’ll perform each exercise for 30 seconds, then get a minute of rest. You’ll then repeat that same circuit twice more, adding on a power minute of plyometric moves before moving on to the next circuit full of four new exercises.

The first circuit in this bodyweight interval workout will have you doing sweeping lunges, criss-cross squats, chair reverse lunges with chest flys, and runner’s squats. The second circuit includes reverse burpees, tricep dips and kicks, and push-ups. The last circuit win this bodyweight workout routine will have you doing squats and rotational punches, Heisman bound knee taps, donkey kicks and back flys, and squat jacks with chest flys.

This bodyweight interval workout is definitely a total-body burner that will help you blast fat and get stronger at the same time using just your body weight. A bodyweight workout program is a great place to start when you want to lose weight and build muscle or as a way to kick your calorie burning into high gear!

Level: Intermediate, Advanced
Equipment: Bodyweight, Mat
Instructor: Lindsey Bomgrem