Jen Lucas

Bamboo Stitch

Jen Lucas
Duration:   6  mins

Bamboo stitch is an interesting stitch pattern that uses yarn overs to create wraps or bars over the knit stitches. In this video, Jen Lucas explains this stitch pattern and shows you just how easy it is to work into your next knitting project.

This stitch pattern is worked over a multiple of two stitches, or an even number of stitches. A yarn over is added to the knitting needle but is almost immediately removed by passing it over two knit stitches on the Right Side of the fabric.


Working the stitch pattern over a multiple of two stitches, Jen works the following rows on her swatch:

Row 1 (RS): *Yo, k2, pass yo over k2; rep from * to end.

Row 2 (WS): Purl all sts.

Rep rows 1 and 2 for pattern.

Jen shares her tips for keeping this pattern at an even tension. It is important to keep the yarn over slightly loose. If the yarn over is worked tightly, it becomes difficult to pass it over the knit stitches.


  • k: knit
  • rep: repeat
  • RS: Right Side
  • WS: Wrong Side
  • yo: yarn over