Jen Lucas

Slipping a Marker When Knitting

Jen Lucas
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Duration:   2  mins

Stitch markers are used in knitting to help you keep track of your work for a variety of reasons. In this video, Jen Lucas demonstrates for you just how simple it is to slip your stitch markers as you come to them.

A few reasons stitch markers might be used in your knitting:

– Beginning of the round marker when circular knitting
– Pattern or stitch repeats are placed in between stitch markers
– Increase or decrease stitches before or after a stitch marker

No matter the reason the stitch markers are on the knitting needle, it’s simple to slip them as you come to them. Slip the stitch markers from the left needle to the right needle purlwise and keep working the pattern as written. It’s helpful to have stitch markers in your knitting. Fortunately, it’s super simple to deal with them along your knitting needle.