Corrina Ferguson

How to Knit a Two-Color Slipped Stitch Hat

Corrina Ferguson
Duration:   18  mins

The Nepeta Hat is a beautiful, slipped-stitch hat that you can find the pattern for sale at The Knitting Circle. In this video, the designer of the hat, Corrina Ferguson, demonstrates the important steps on how to knit this project.

Cast-On and Brim

To begin, Corrina discusses different methods for knitting hats in the round. For this hat, she is starting with a 16-inch circular needle and will move to double-pointed needles when decreasing for the crown. Using the long tail cast-on, she casts on the number of stitches she needs for her size, and joins in the round, being careful not to twist. The twisted ribbing is then worked for the brim. Corrina discusses different options for the ribbing, including standard (k1, p1) ribbing as well as reversible twisted ribbing that is worked by knitting 1 stitch through the back loop and then purling 1 stitch through the back loop.

Slipped Stitch Pattern

Once the ribbing is complete, the slipped stitch pattern is incorporated into the hat. Corrina explains how to read a slipped stitch chart and demonstrates how to knit 2 rounds of the hat. Decreases are worked for the crown, changing to double-pointed needles when the stitches no longer comfortably fit on the circular needle.

Finishing the Hat

Once the knitting is complete, 8 stitches remain on the needles. Corrina demonstrates how to finish the hat with a tapestry needle, bringing the yarn through the remaining stitches to cinch the top of the hat. She prefers to work through the remaining stitches twice to help the top remain closed and sturdy. After the hat is finished, she weaves in the yarn tails.

Nepeta Hat pattern used in this video