Corrina Ferguson

Slipped Stitch Cable Basics

Corrina Ferguson
Duration:   7  mins

Cables and slipped stitches are fun techniques to use in your knitting projects. You can combine these two techniques to create beautiful, slipped-stitch cables. In this video, Corrina Ferguson discusses the basics of slipped stitch cables.

To begin, Corrina works the slipped stitch cable pattern on a Right Side row and a Wrong Side row. On the Right Side of the swatch, the stitch is slipped purlwise with the yarn in the back of the work. On the Wrong Side, she slips the stitch purlwise with the yarn in front. It’s important that the yarn stays to the Wrong Side of the piece while slipping the stitches, so that the yarn floats that are created by slipping also stay to the back/Wrong Side of the work.

When it comes to the cable row, Corrina demonstrates how to cable with and without the cable needle. The cable is worked with a cable needle by slipping one stitch to the cable needle and holding it to the front of the work. Two stitches are knit, and then the stitch from the cable knit is complete. The 1/2 Left Cross (1/2 LC) Cable has been worked.