Corrina Ferguson

How to Read a Slipped Stitch Chart

Corrina Ferguson
Duration:   7  mins

Slipped stitch knitting is a fun technique that adds colorwork into a project, with the benefit of only working with one color each row or round. There are so many slipped stitch patterns out there to knit and many of them are worked from charts. In this video, Corrina Ferguson discusses slipped stitch charts and demonstrates how to knit from one.

These decorative stitch patterns can be worked flat (in rows) or in the round. Corrina explains how the charts differ when working in rows or working in the round. She also explains the different stitch symbols and how each one of them are worked in the project. Corrina also discusses how different designers may represent stitches differently on charts. For example, she likes to have the slipped stitch on her charts be represented by an elongated stitch symbol. Patterns with charts will have a key or legend to let you know what each symbol represents.

After explaining the slipped stitch charts, Corrina demonstrates how to knit from the chart shown in the video. She knits the rounds as follows, from the chart:

Round 1: *Sl1 wyib, k3; rep from * to end of round.

Round 2: *Sl1 wyib, p3; rep from * to end of round.


k: knit

p: purl

rep: repeat

sl: slip stitch purlwise

wyib: with yarn in back