Corrina Ferguson

Turkish Cast On

Corrina Ferguson
Duration:   3  mins

The Turkish Cast On is the perfect cast on when starting a toe-up sock. It creates a double-sided cast on, that creates a seamless start and flows into Stockinette stitch. In this video, Corrina Ferguson explains how to work this cast on method for a toe-up sock when using magic loop.

This cast on can be used for any small circumference knitting methods (magic loop, 2 circulars, double-pointed needles), but Corrina finds this cast on is easiest when using the magic loop method. She begins the cast on by working a slip knot onto one of the needles. She holds both needles together in her right hand, with the slip knot on the top needle. The yarn will be wrapped around both needles to create stitches. Corrina notes that the number of times the yarn is wrapped around the needle depends on the total number of stitches when the cast on is complete. You’ll want to wrap the yarn around the needle half the number of times as the total stitches needed. Corrina wants 12 stitches on her needles when the cast on is complete, so she wraps the yarn around the needle 6 times.

Corrina then turns the work over to hold in her left hand. She pulls the bottom needle out of the stitches, so they are resting on cord of the circular needle. She knits across the six stitches on the top needle, noting that they are loose. Once those stitches are worked, she turns the work and sets up to work the other half of the stitches. The slip knot is removed, and she knits the other stitches. As this cast on can be a little loose, the stitches can be tugged on slightly to tighten them up have them match the gauge of the rest of the sock.