Anita Algiene

Best Temperature for Buttercream

Anita Algiene
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Duration:   4  mins

Buttercream is the basis for all cake and cupcake decorating! It can be used for filling cakes, holding in delicate fillings, creating beautiful smooth exteriors and even atop cupcakes, cookies and brownies. The sweet possibilities are endless!

Join cake designer Anita Algiene as she shares her knowledge of American crusting-style buttercream and helps you understand its limitations. The primary ingredient in buttercream is of course butter, which is very susceptible to sudden changes in heat. Anita shares her tips for creating a buttercream that is more stable and has a higher heat tolerance.

She also helps you understand all of the warning signs of warming buttercream and how to adjust accordingly. Anita encourages you to keep in mind your environment and the project. You will need slightly different consistency and temperatures for applying a crumb coat then you need for piping beautiful buttercream flowers.

With Anita’s Goldilocks rule – not too hot and not too cold you will be icing and piping to perfection! Practice with your buttercream by decorating some adorable cupcakes with Rachael Teufel in her videos “Decorating Winter-Themed Cupcakes” and “Decorating Cupcakes for a Baby Shower.”