Piping Print Letters with Buttercream

Connor Erickson
Duration:   21  mins

Piping messages and names is a great way to add a personal touch to any cake design. Join cake designer Anita Algiene in the kitchen as she demonstrates how to pipe “Happy Birthday” two ways with her favorite American crusting buttercream.

First, she shares an easy method to piping by tracing with parchment paper. Then she practices on a flat surface that has a thin layer of buttercream. Watch and learn as Anita gently attaches each letter and lets the buttercream fall into place. Anita helps you recognize common mistakes with buttercream consistency, temperature and piping speed.

Also included are her pointers on piping straight and curved lines, achieving perfectly spaced and even letters and fixing mistakes with crusting buttercream. Anita encourages you to grab a bag and practice on a flat buttercream surface before taking it to the cake.

Eventually, you will develop your own style and gain the confidence you need to pipe with ease.