Beginner Ballet Barre 1

Tiler Peck
Duration:   41  mins

Calling all ballet dancers, former dancers, or anyone looking for a fun barre workout—this is for you! Join Tiler Peck who will lead you through this very traditional ballet barre class right in the comfort of your own home. Tiler Peck is a principal dancer at the New York City Ballet Company and comes with quite the pedigree.

You probably are familiar with the barre class craze in fitness. The world of fitness took the traditional barre concept from ballet and put an athletic spin on it. Yet the concept of barre workouts comes from the world of ballet. All ballet dancers take barre class on a regular basis to perfect their skill.

In this Beginner Ballet Barre 1 class, Tiler brings you the traditional ballet basics. Tiler makes it easy even for beginners to get their footing. This workout features very slow, precise, and controlled movements, but don’t let that fool you. Your legs will feel it after this series of plies, tendus, and leg lifts. To round out this workout, Tiler will also lead you through elegant ballet arm work. One of the principles of ballet is good posture; she will cue you to stand tall and engage your entire core throughout the class.

Whether you are a former dancer or always wanted to learn, this fun workout is a great way to break up your usual fitness routine.

Level: Beginner
Equipment: Ballet Barre or Chair
Instructor: Tiler Peck