Anita Algiene

Piping Cursive Letters with Buttercream

Anita Algiene
Duration:   22  mins

Once you have practiced with cake designer Anita Algiene and feel comfortable piping print letters, check out piping cursive to add a more elegant and artistic style of penmanship to your cakes.

In this premium lesson, Anita demonstrates how to write “Happy Birthday” on a flat surface with an American crusting-style buttercream. Included are a few tips on bag size, proper tip size, icing consistency and troubleshooting common errors like breaking and wavy lines.

Watch and learn as Anita lets icing gently fall onto the surface and flows from letter to letter with ease. Also included are tips on cleaning up lines and letters as well as removing letters and fixing it when you make a mistake. Practice makes perfect in this easy-to-learn cake-decorating technique.

Anita encourages you to spend some time developing your own style and gain confidence before taking it to the cake!