Choose the Right Bind Off for Your Knitting Project

Jill Wright
Duration:   5  mins

With so many bind off methods to choose from, it can sometimes be hard to decide which one is right for you and your knitting project. In this video, Jill Wright compares several different bind off methods to help you choose which one you would like use when you’re completing your next project.

Jill begins by stating that it’s important to consider the finished edge and what characteristics you want that edge to have. Different bind offs have different purposes. They can be stretchy, firm, decorative, or functional.

She looks at several different bind off methods:

  • Traditional Knitwise Bind Off
  • Three-Needle Bind Off
  • Lace Bind Off (or knit two together through the back loops bind off)
  • Picot Bind Off
  • Sewn Bind Off
  • Invisible Ribbed Bind Off
  • Slipped Stitch Crochet Bind Off

In addition to describing the characteristics of these bind offs, Jill also shares some tips on how these bind offs can be altered slightly to suit your project. There is no one right way to bind off your knitting. What is most important is that you choose the right bind off for you and the project you are knitting.