Considerations in Fall Photography

Layne Kennedy
Duration:   1  mins

If you’re looking for beautiful images in the fall, you probably won’t have to go far, as the leaves on the trees will be changing color all around you. This session, featuring renowned photographer Layne Kennedy, will give you tips on preparing for fall photography and capturing the beauty that’s all around you.

With the brilliant colors of changing leaves practically everywhere you look during the fall season, you won’t have to look very far for a photo op when it comes to fall photography. In this session, you’ll get tips on how to prepare, what to bring, and how to compose gorgeous fall images with natural light.

Photographer Layne Kennedy shows you layering techniques to stay warm in the early hours of those crisp mornings before the sun gets higher in the sky and the temps start to rise. You won’t need to bring any more than usual: Layne recommends packing a camera body, a variety of lenses, a tripod, flash, and reflectors, and then just going where the colors are. You can find guides to current fall colors on the Internet that will show you the greatest concentration of color.

A Single Leaf Can Tell the Story of Fall

Layne demonstrates getting in close to get strong color saturation and attention to detail. Sometimes you’ll want to shoot an expanse of trees, sometimes a single tree or a grouping of leaves, but sometimes a single leaf will tell the story of fall visually.

The leaf doesn’t have to be on a tree or on the ground, although those can make for gorgeous photos, too. The photographer recommends looking for the perfect leaf, in just the right color, with a long stem and then holding the leaf up and playing off the light of the sun in various angles. Layering a second leaf can create a different kind of image.

A Beautiful Time for Seasonal Photography

Fall can be unpredictable in terms of temperature, but you can generally track the progression of the changing of the colors. This course can help you make the most out of a lovely season and bring breathtaking images home from your autumn journeys.


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