How to Draw Fabric & Leather With Colored Pencil

Cynthia Knox
Duration:   14  mins

Often, materials like fabric and leather play a supporting role in our work—maybe it’s the tablecloth in a still life, or a leather jacket on a portrait model. Whatever the case, it’s easy to brush over these elements when they’re not the star of the compositional show. However, creating interesting and believable textiles can have a huge impact on your drawings—artists like Leonardo Da Vinci did study after study of drapery, knowing how much it would benefit their drawings as a whole.

If you’re looking to elevate the way you render fabric and leather in your work, join colored pencil artist and instructor Cynthia Knox as she shares her techniques. Cynthia shows you exactly how she approaches creating a variety of fabrics in her work—including how to use negative space to draw delicate lace patterns. You’ll be guided through easy-to-follow steps as you learn how to describe and differentiate between shiny and distressed leather. In addition, you’ll build confidence under Cynthia’s guidance as you practice the ins and outs of depicting the specific stitching and feel of denim.