How to Make a Log Cabin Quilt Block

Toby Lischko
Duration:   28  mins

The log cabin quilt block is a traditional quilt block that can be made in many different variations. Toby Lischko explains how to make this block, shows several log cabin quilt pattern variations that can be made to the block, and also introduces some different layouts that can be made using these blocks.

Creating the Log Cabin Quilt Block

Toby begins by showing what this kind of block looks like and explaining how they were named. Typically there is a number associated with this type of block, and that is the number of pieces or strips it takes to get to the center of the block. Once she shows some of the different versions of the block she begins to show how the block comes together.

While a log cabin block can be either regular pieced or paper pieced, Toby shows how to create the block using traditional piecing methods and measuring as she goes to ensure that the block comes together correctly. She also explains how she likes to cut and stack her pieces to make assembling the block quicker and easier. While these blocks traditionally have a distinctive coloring to them, with light on one side and dark on the other, that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Toby then demonstrates how to sew on a strip, press it and measure after each step, explaining when and how adjustments might need to be made to the seam allowance to ensure that the block finished at the correct size. Once the log cabin blocks have been completed, Toby shows how you can arrange the blocks in different ways to get some fun and different layouts — each one with a distinctive look.