Photographing Waterfalls & Other Items in Nature - Course Preview

Layne Kennedy
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Duration:   2  mins

Photographing waterfalls – fun, beautiful, entrancing, but how to do it? In this online video series, professional photographer and instructor Layne Kennedy takes you to a spectacular waterfall. He then moves to a nature preserve for tips on shooting flowers, leaves, and trees. Along the way, Layne advises to keep it simple on the gear you carry: camera, flash, head lamp, three lenses, and a tripod.

He begins the series by photographing waterfalls under an overcast sky and shows how working in a slow shutter speed will capture the creamy effect you see in the best waterfall photographs. You will learn how different lenses capture all aspects of the falls and why underexposure and white balance settings are crucial in photographing nature under fickle weather conditions. Do you set your camera on auto, shade, cloudy, tungsten?

Sometimes, you are thrown a curve and get rained out of your original plans, but, with the telephoto zoom lens, Layne will demonstrate how to capture interesting images as alternatives.

What about capturing mood in an image? Layne will show you how to look for geometric shapes and designs found in nature and why depth of field plays a crucial role in making a creative photograph. By way of example, he captures beautiful images under a canopy of oak trees, shoots an innovative portrait of a woman along a flowing stream, and captures striking, close-up images of flowers and leaves using backlighting techniques. You will also learn that in photographing wildflowers, the contrasting colors you choose for the backgrounds add drama to your main subject.

So put your imagination to work as you watch this series of videos about photographing waterfalls and creating photographs in the woods and on the prairie. Pro shooter Layne Kennedy provides plenty of landscape photography tips you can incorporate into your own images no matter where your outdoor photographic adventure takes you.


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