Stitch and Flip Quilt Tutorial

Diane Harris
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Duration:   14  mins

Diane Harris explains why you want to have the stitch and flip technique in your box of quilting skills. You will find that this method uses squares and rectangles to end up with triangular shapes without having to cut or sew triangles or sew along a bias edge. Look at multiple examples ranging from a flying geese unit to a square in a square unit.

Flying Geese Units: Stitch and Flip

Diane explains that typically Flying Geese units are twice as wide as they are long. She shows how layering two squares and one rectangle, along with marking a diagonal, will make you a stitch and flip professional in no time. Then she details how to mark, stitch, cut and press your triangles.

This stitch and flip process is also great for creating square in a square shapes. Watch Diane take you through this process for creative new results.

Parallelogram Units: Stitch and Flip

Diane also takes you through the time savings you can get using stitch and flip techniques for parallelograms and snowball quilt block units.