Tips and Tricks for Your DIY Photo Book

Layne Kennedy
Duration:   3  mins

When doing any big project, having tips that make the process more successful and enjoyable is always ideal. That’s definitely true when you’re putting together a DIY photo book, and in this session you’ll learn numerous valuable tips and tricks. These ideas pertain to deciding which photos to use and how to display them, successfully working with a self-publishing company, and making your images truly shine.

The session also walks you through some helpful layout strategies. Your photo book in its final form will be even more spectacular when you follow the tips explained here.


  • How to Make Your Own Photo Book – Course Preview
  • How to Create a Photo Book: Pre-Planning Considerations
  • Publishing Options for a Self-Publish Photo Book
  • Selecting Images When Creating a Photo Book
  • Defining the Theme When Making a Photo Book
  • How to Design a Photo Book with Layouts and Backgrounds
  • How to Build a Photo Book
  • THIS PAGE: Tips and Tricks for Your DIY Photo Book
  • Final Review of the Photo Book