Baby Bump Prenatal Barre

lindsey bomgren
Duration:   42  mins

This prenatal Barre workout is an amazing total-body routine that will work your muscles using strength training and small, controlled movements. Whether you’re currently pregnant or you’re postpartum, this low-impact workout will target your legs, glutes, shoulders, and arms, helping you sculpt lean muscles.

Led by Lindsey Bomgren, this is a 40-minute routine that just requires a light set of dumbbells (anywhere from 2 to 4 pounds depending on your comfort level) and an optional chair for support and balance. Ready to get your Baby Bump Barre on? Let’s go!

If you’ve never tried Barre before, it’s a blend of ballet, strength training moves, and Pilates. Isometric holds and tiny pulses help to build strength and tone your body from head to toe. You’ll start with a light warm-up of knee lifts and basic squats. Next, you’ll grab your weights for the main portion of this prenatal Barre workout. You’ll start in second position for some squats and presses using your weights, and then move into upper body moves like tricep kickbacks. You’ll create strong back and shoulder muscles, which will come in handy when lifting your new baby!

Next, you’ll move onto isometric holds and leg lifts using a chair for optional support and balance. Lindsey will lead you through lunges with a bicep curl, modified curtsy lunges, and more. You’ll move onto the floor for mini tricep push-ups on your knees and glute work in tabletop position. Throughout this prenatal Barre workout, remember to move at your own pace and do whatever is best for your baby and your body.

You can always choose to do these exercises without weights if that’s more comfortable for you, too. If you liked this workout, check out other Barre workouts to keep up the good work!

As always, be sure to consult your doctor before beginning a pregnancy workout program, especially if you are brand new to exercise.

Level: Beginner
Equipment: Light dumbbells, chair, mat
Instructor: Lindsey Bomgrem