Baby Bump Prenatal Yoga Flow

lindsey bomgren
Duration:   40  mins

Enjoy a calming, restorative practice with this prenatal yoga flow led by Lindsey Bomgren. Whether you’re an expectant mama, postpartum and looking for low-impact exercise, or just looking for a relaxing yoga sequence, this yoga practice is for you. If you are pregnant, be sure to listen to your body and do what feels best for you, depending on which trimester you’re in or how you’re feeling today. Clear your mind, get your blood flowing, and stretch your body in this restorative prenatal yoga practice.

Lindsey will lead you through each pose, starting with some hip circles before flowing through cat to tabletop position. Then you’ll move into extended goddess pose, which will give your legs and arms an amazing stretch. You’ll complete side-body stretches and other poses that will open up your chest and arms and create space in the body, as well as lunging movements and some great stretches in downward dog position.

Next, you’ll flow through some sun salutations, which will get the blood flowing and shake off any prenatal fatigue you may be feeling. You’ll then do warrior poses which give your legs a wonderful stretch, as well as a few simple balancing poses that help create stability in the body. Lindsey will also lead you through some movements in plank pose that help to strengthen the abdominal wall and pelvic floor. Be sure to breathe through each pose and take each movement as gently as you need to.

There are so many benefits of prenatal yoga, including reduced anxiety, back pain relief, better sleep, and increased strength and flexibility—two things that are especially essential to giving birth! This prenatal yoga practice is great for stretching, toning, and keeping you moving throughout your pregnancy. Try it today and see how restorative this yoga flow can be.

As always, be sure to consult your doctor before beginning a pregnancy workout program, especially if you are brand new to exercise.

Level: Beginner
Equipment: Yoga block, throw pillow, mat
Instructor: Lindsey Bomgrem