Corrina Ferguson

Mattress Stitch

Corrina Ferguson
Duration:   8  mins

Learning how to properly seam knitted pieces together is an important skill to have in your knitting toolbox, especially if you’re interested in knitting projects like baby sweaters or a garment for yourself. In this video, sweater designer Corrina Ferguson shows you step-by-step how to do the mattress stitch.

To begin, Corrina looks at different tapestry needles and discusses the best tapestry needle for seaming a project. She suggests using a blunt-tip needle for working mattress stitch, as you’re less likely to split the stitches while seaming.

Working the seam from the Right Sides of the fabric, Corrina begins to work mattress stitch on Stockinette stitch swatches. She uses a yarn that’s a different color from her swatch in order for you to be able to see the seam. The mattress stitch is worked by taking the tapestry needle under two bars next to the first stitch one piece of fabric, and then going under two bars next to the first stitch on the other piece of knitted fabric. This process is repeated by working back and forth, under two bars on each piece of fabric, going into the space that you previously came out of. The seam can then be cinched, and it creates a nearly invisible seam from the Right Side of project. Corrina then demonstrates how to work the mattress stitch on both garter stitch and when seaming cast on and bind off edges together.

When doing the mattress stitch on your own projects, you’ll want to use the same yarn that you used for your project. If that yarn is delicate and will break easily or is fuzzy, you may want to use a strong, smooth yarn in the same color to work your mattress stitch seam.