Michele Lee Bernstein

Two-Tail Long Tail Cast On

Michele Lee Bernstein
Duration:   4  mins

The Long Tail Cast On is a popular cast on method due to the fact that it’s quick, easy, and leaves a flexible edge. One downside to this cast on is that you need to estimate the length of the tail before starting the project. In this video, Michele Lee Bernstein demonstrates how to work a Two-Tail Long Tail Cast On. This method uses two balls of yarn to cast on, so there is no need to estimate the length of the tail.

To begin, Michele makes a slip knot using both colors held together. She notes that this slip knot does not count as a stitch. It will be removed from the knitting needle after the first row of the pattern is worked. Once the slip knot is in place, she holds the yarn in the same orientation as a long tail cast on, with one yarn going over the forefinger and one over the thumb. They are pulled apart to make a V-shape. She then works the long tail cast on with the two separate balls of yarn.

When working the Two-Tail Long Tail Cast On, it’s important to keep each strand in the same orientation for the entire cast on. Additionally, this cast on can be worked in one or two colors. Michele points out the working this cast on in two colors is nice for colorwork or Brioche knitting projects.

Once the cast on is complete, Michele cuts the yarn that was over her thumb, leaving a tail to weave in when the project is complete. She then works a row of garter stitch, removing the slip knot from the knitting needle when she comes to it.