Attaching Toy Pieces Together

Mister Domestic
Duration:   8  mins

One super fun project in crochet is making amigurumi or small toys. These projects make amazing gifts, or they are something cute to crochet for yourself. Once you understand the mechanics of the basic toy shapes, putting the shapes together to make something adorable might seem daunting. Don’t worry – in this video, Mister Domestic explains just how easy it is to attach amigurumi pieces together.

There are a few different ways that you can attach crochet toy pieces together. Mister Domestic shows the more common and simplest way to put a toy together – using the whip stitch. He suggests thinking about the whip stitch like the spiral of a notebook. You’ll be working around and around like a spiral to seam the pieces together.

Mister Domestic notes that if you have a long yarn tail on one of the toy pieces, that tail can be used for the whip stitch. If not, attach a new length of yarn in the same color. He personally likes to tie a knot with two tails of yarn to help hold the pieces together while whip stitching them together. He then whip stitches the two pieces together to attach. Once the pieces are attached, the ends are easy to weave into the project. They can simply be worked into the center of the toy and then snipped, so that the yarn tail goes inside of the toy.