How to Crochet a Ruffle

Mister Domestic
Duration:   5  mins

Adding little details like crocheted edgings and ruffles can really turn up the volume on just about any crochet project. The possibilities are endless for what you can add to an edge of a crochet project. In this video, Mister Domestic demonstrates how to add an easy ruffle. This ruffle can be modified in a variety of ways to add a delicate detail or a dramatic flourish at the end of a project.

Mister Domestic begins by offering some project ideas that are great for ruffles:

  • Pillows
  • Skirts or dresses
  • Afghans

He then starts working the ruffle along one edge of the fabric. To create a subtle ruffle, three double crochet stitches are added into each stitch. If you want to work the ruffle in a contrasting color to a completed piece, simply slip stitch the new color onto the piece to join it. Then add the ruffle. For a more dramatic ruffle, Mister Domestic suggests adding six double crochet stitches into each stitch. By adding that large number of stitches, it forces the fabric to “scrunch” up on itself, allowing for a dramatic ruffle. Play with the ruffles in your own projects and experiment with a different number of stitches to find the ruffle you like the best!