Craftsy Editors

Changing Your Perspective

Craftsy Editors
Duration:   3  mins

Nature is an incredible place, full of interesting patterns, colors, and perspectives. You can take photographs that are worthy of art books or magazine pages by getting a unique and amazing perspective. Winter offers plenty of opportunities for incredible perspective shots. Here’s how to get them.

Nature is full of different designs that offer all kinds of photographic opportunities. You can get shots that are positively artistic, where nature makes incredible designs and patterns, and these shots are magazine-worthy. Nature also has some inherent obstacles to getting these shots. This session teaches you to overcome these obstacles and get the amazing perspective shots you desire.


  • Winter Photography Tips: Exposure, Composition, and Details – Course Preview
  • Proper Winter Exposure
  • Essential Clothing for Winter Photography
  • Gear: What You Need to Know
  • Tips for Great Animal Portraits
  • Shooting Winter Landscape
  • THIS PAGE: Changing Your Perspective
  • Composing Compelling Portraits
  • Details Tell the Story
  • Getting Creative with Fill Flash
  • Lighting for Night Photography
  • Take Only Photographs, Leave Only Footprints