Susan Rubin

Colored Pencil Color Basics

Susan Rubin
Duration:   24  mins

Ready to dive into color? In this video you’ll join artist and instructor Susan Rubin for an introduction to fundamental color theory using one of the most easily accessible mediums—colored pencil. With Susan’s guidance, watch how just 6 colored pencils can unlock the entire spectrum of hues! Through the exercise of creating a color wheel, you’ll learn the keys to understanding essential color terms like secondary or analogous color. Understanding these concepts will help you predict the results of your color mixtures while creating your color wheel.

As you create your color wheel, Susan will show you exactly how to achieve a 3D texture with different strokes and how to mix your colors using an intentional layering process. When you’ve finished your color wheel, Susan will show you how it can serve as a reference and foundation for creating an even greater range of colors. You’ll see how to keep track of the colors you create with the attached PDF titled, “Color Recipes,” and how the order in which you layer your colors can dramatically affect the outcome.

Color Wheel & Color Recipes