Fabric Scrap Projects: Patchwork Pillow Case

Tara Rex
Duration:   17  mins

Whether you’re new to sewing or you’ve been doing it for years, you’ve probably got more than a few pieces of scrap fabric lying around. Tara Rex shows you how to turn those scraps into fun fabric scrap projects by doing a patchwork. Patchwork is the process of piecing together lots of little pieces of fabric in order to create a larger piece. Tara shows you how it can be an extremely easy and stress-free process by stitching first and worrying about measurements later, making this the perfect project for a beginner! Tara then shows you how to construct a removable pillow case, so you can change your patchwork pillows whenever you want. If you have lots of fabric and want to make something a little larger, Tara also shares several other project ideas.

While the idea of patchwork is to use up any and all scraps of fabric, you may want to use only similar fabrics within a single project. For example, if you are making a patchwork pillow out of mostly cotton fabric and want to press all your seams as you go, you wouldn’t want to add in a silk or other fabric that can’t be pressed or can be distorted when pressed. Also, if your project is something that you may need to machine wash in the future, make sure all the fabric being used can be washed. If you don’t want to have to think about details like this when starting a project, consider keeping different bins for different types of fabric scraps. This way everything is sorted and ready to go when you are!