Nicki LaFoille

How to Make Your Own Face Mask

Nicki LaFoille
Duration:   34  mins

Depending on the time of year, germs can be all around us. Having your own face mask to wear can be a good way to limit the potential spread of germs. Nicki LaFoille shows you how to quickly and easily make your own face mask from small amounts of cotton fabric and thin elastic. She also provides a simple pattern piece download.

*Disclaimer: This mask is not designed to prevent you from getting sick and is not an alternative for best practices recommended by the CDC. This mask is a supplemental tool that can help you avoid touching your face.

Make Your Own Face Mask

Nicki begins by talking about the materials you will need to make your own face mask, which are the pattern piece, fabric and elastic. She explains what kind of fabric is good to use as well as the width and type of elastic that is good to use and why. She then explains how to cut out the pattern pieces for the outer and lining pieces and tells you how many of each you will need.

Nicki then shows how to assemble the outer and lining pieces and how to trim the seam allowances so that there is less bulk in all of the seams. Once the outer and lining pieces have been stitched at the center front, Nicki shows how to assemble, press and topstitch the outer and lining pieces together.

The last step that Nicki demonstrates is how to attach the elastic.

While some face masks have only one strip of elastic that goes around the back of your head, Nicki shows how to attach two shorter lengths to each end that can be worn around the ears. Once you have your face mask made, Nicki recommends washing it before using so you can ensure that you have a clean face mask.

While face masks are of course good for trying to cut down on the potential spread of germs when people cough and breathe, Nicki explains that they are also a great way to keep both adults and kids from touching their faces.