George Vondriska

Safely Cutting Plexiglass

George Vondriska
Duration:   4  mins

Cutting plexiglass can be an important step in some projects; perhaps for a glass door panel or protective cover for a table top. In a woodshop full of tools that are designed to part wood fibers, however, how can you produce a clean cut on something as fragile as plexiglass? And is cutting plexiglass a safe activity when using woodworking equipment?

If the idea of cutting plexiglass in your woodshop gives you pause due to safety concerns, that’s a healthy thought process because there are several problems that can arise if you do not use the right cutting tools and approach the procedure correctly. But rest assured that it’s possible to achieve great results, and to do so safely.

In this video George walks you through all of the steps that you need to know for cutting plexiglass using your table saw:

Blade selection and height setting. This is perhaps the most important aspect to cutting plexiglass in your woodshop. You will need to use a blade with not only the correct number of teeth, but also the right grind and pattern as well as the appropriate height above the material while making the cut.

Feed technique. Watch how George uses his push shoe and the fence to control the material through the cut to keep it from drifting and climbing up the blade.

Common mishaps to avoid. There are some common problems that can occur when cutting plexiglass on your table saw, and George will describe what to look for so that you can make the necessary adjustments to solve the problem.

After you’ve completed your cuts successfully, don’t forget to polish the edge of your plexiglass before installing it in your project, as this will give the glass a professional look.