George Vondriska

VCarve Pro: Importing Router Bits

George Vondriska
Duration:   5  mins

VCarve Pro is one of the most versatile software platforms on the market for controlling CNC machines, with more capabilities than most users ever have the opportunity to explore. The application includes a large number of profiles for CNC router bits so that you have the freedom to choose a bit that meets the requirement for most aspects of your projects.

What if VCarve Pro doesn’t have the exact selection of CNC router bits that you need for a project? What if one of the CNC router bits that you need has a unique size or profile that is not included in the application? Not to worry, there’s a good chance that there are profiles available online for the CNC router bits that you need, and all you have to do is locate them and import them into VCarve Pro.

To add a bit that is not included in VCarve Pro’s standard set of CNC router bits, do the following:

Tool Database. First, look carefully through the Tool Database to see if your required CNC router bits are there. More often than not, you will find them.

Look online for a tool definition. If one of the CNC router bits can’t be found in the Tool Database, visit the website of your router bit manufacturer, or search more broadly across the internet for the CNC router bits that you require.

Import into Vcarve. When you find your bit, download the profile and import it into VCarve Pro. It will automatically be added to the Tool Database.

Once imported into VCarve Pro, you’ll be able to use the new CNC router bits for future projects. When you select the new bit, it will know all of the specific parameters for the cutter.