George Vondriska

Locating Drawer Slides in a Case

George Vondriska
Duration:   6  mins

We’ve all been there. You’ve built a beautiful set of drawers and it’s time to install them into the case using drawer slide hardware. How do you know where to put them so that the spacing is even between each drawer as well as the top and bottom of the case opening? You know that if you do this wrong that you will either get to the last drawer and it won’t fit, or you will realize that there is an extreme gap remaining.

Installing drawer slides seems perplexing, but if you follow our instructor George’s simple system, it can be done efficiently and accurately every time. To install drawer slides with consistency and precision, follow the steps outlined in this video:

Attach the drawer slides to your drawers. It might seem counterintuitive to start by installing on the drawer first, but it makes the next steps much simpler. Leave the entire drawer slide on each drawer for now, without removing the piece that will be installed in the case.

Measure box opening and make spacers. Measure from top to bottom, and divide that distance by the number of spaces between drawers as well as top and bottom.

Install the drawer slides in the case. Set your drawers into the case, using spacers to separate the drawers. Verify that the spacing is consistent, then mark the location of each of the drawer slides.

Remove drawers and install slides. Using a jig, hold each of the drawer slides in position as you fasten them to the case. After the slides are in place install each of the drawers, checking that the travel is smooth and straight in all cases.

After mastering this skill you will be able to use it on any future project where your furniture or cabinets require a stack of drawers.