Nicki LaFoille

Split Panel Skirt

Nicki LaFoille
Duration:   37  mins

A split panel skirt is a fun, quick project that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Learn how to make a lovely custom skirt that perfectly fits your size and length with Nicki LaFoille.


Before you can learn how to make a skirt, you first need to know how to make the skirt pattern. Nicki LaFoille explains that rather than needing actual pattern pieces for this project, you can simply use measurements since the skirt is made from panels, which are just large rectangles. She explains what measurements are needed and then explains how to do some simple math to get the panels the correct width. Once you have all of the panel widths determined, you can decide how long you want the skirt to be. Nicki demonstrates making a maxi length on her split panel skirt, but it can easily be made shorter.


Nicki then talks about the supplies needed to make this skirt, which include fabric, a fun trim embellishment, and elastic for the waistband. She explains what type of fabric she likes to use and why. Nicki then talks about the trim option she chose and what type and width of elastic to use for the waistband.


Once you have all of your measurements determined for the correct panel sizes and all of your supplies gathered, you can learn how to make a skirt. Nicki shows step-by-step how to attach the trim to the panels, finish the fabric edges, stitch them together into a skirt and then attach the elastic waistband.