Rachael Teufel

Piping Rosettes, Stars & Pearls

Rachael Teufel
Duration:   9  mins

Dive deeper into piping with this follow-up video to Piping Basic Borders with cake designer Rachael Teufel. In this lesson, Rachael demonstrates easy buttercream decor using a star and round piping tip.

Starting with a pre-iced cake, Rachael creates a crescent moon shape along the top of the cake with scattered pearls, stars, and rosettes of varying sizes topped off with a few sprinkles. Along the bottom border, she pipes rosettes of alternating sizes and colors.

Included are tips and tricks, including how to hold a piping bag to ensure the icing doesn’t squeeze out of the top of the bag, how to easily change large tips without a coupler, and how to easily fix or remove any mistakes. Rachael’s easy piping techniques are all about pressure and timing!

She encourages you to keep practicing until you are piping beautiful cakes and cupcakes naturally. To check out how Rachael created the beautiful cake featured in this video, check out “Drip Décor” and the “Luster Drip Décor” videos.