ZJ Humbach

What Are Pre-Cut Fabrics?

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   4  mins

Cutting your fabric is one of the first steps in making a quilt. ZJ Humbach shares how to make this step quicker and easier by eliminating some of the cutting and buying pre cut quilting fabric.

Pre Cut Fabrics

ZJ begins by showing some of the more popular and easier-to-find pre-cut quilting fabrics. One of these fabrics is called a Jelly Roll. A Jelly Roll is a roll of fabric strips that generally measure 2 ½” x the width of fabric. The number of strips you get in a Jelly Roll can vary among manufacturers. However, it is generally around 40.

Buying these pre-cut strips can save a lot of cutting time, and there are many ways to incorporate strips when quilting with Jelly Rolls. This is also a standard size of the strip that many people cut when making quilt binding, meaning Jelly Rolls can be used for this as well. ZJ then shows several other common pre-cut fabrics, which are the layer cake and charm pack. The layer cake consists of 10” squares and charm packs are 5” squares of fabric, which are common sizes used in many quilt designs.

Quilting with pre-cut fabrics can be a fun way to begin making and designing your own patterns by mixing up the different types of precuts you use. However, you can also find many designs and patterns made that specifically use certain types of precuts. ZJ shares several resources for finding patterns and designs using these types of quilting fabrics. ZJ also shares that while pre-cut quilting fabrics are generally cotton, if you are working with different fabrics, you can also find many pre-cuts in flannel as well. ZJ then shares an example of a fun baby quilt top that she made using pre-cut flannel fabrics.