ZJ Humbach

How to Use a Needle Threader

ZJ Humbach
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Duration:   6  mins

No matter what your next quilting project is, at some point you will need to thread a needle. ZJ Humbach shows you how to use a needle threader, as well as shares with you several different varieties and how they are best used.

Wire Needle Threader

A wire needle threader is one of the more commonly found needle threaders, as it comes with most sewing kits and machines. ZJ demonstrates how to use a needle threader made of wire and how the wire is used to create a larger, easier to thread opening. A wire needle threader can be used for most sewing machine needles, however it works best with medium to lighter-weight thread. If you attempt to use a wire threader to thread thick thread through a small needle eye, you may pull the wire loop off of the needle threader.

Floss Needle Threader

A floss needle threader is very similar to wire threader in that it is used to create a larger opening to push the thread through. While wire threaders tend to come with machines or can be found with other quilting tools, you may need to look in the dental isle of a drug store to find a floss threader. ZJ shows how to use a needle threader made of floss and explains how she also uses it to help guide thread through tension loops on a long arm quilting machine.

Desktop Threader

With both the wire and floss threaders, ZJ is showing how to use a needle threader that can be used on a needle that is already inserted into a sewing or quilting machine. A desktop needle threader is a great option to use when doing hand sewing and can thread a needle with the simple press of a lever. ZJ explains several parts of the desktop threader and demonstrates how to insert the needle and use the tool.