Considerations in Spring Photography

Layne Kennedy
Duration:   1  mins

When it comes to seasonal photography, spring is a time of newness. Start out early for the best photos of the day so you can capture crisp, bright greens and stunning bursts of color in the flowers that bloom amid the new greenery.

When the snow recedes, the green returns, and the colors of early flowers start to pop, it’s time to grab a camera and take some spring photos, armed with the skills and tips found in this session.

In this session, which features the talents and expert guidance of photographer Layne Kennedy, you’ll learn invaluable insights into how to prepare for, work with, and highlight each of the four seasons, starting with spring. Each session starts by outlining the considerations of that season. Spring, Layne notes, is one of his favorite times of year, as new green growth is everywhere, highlighted by the vibrant colors of new flowers. “Everything comes to light. When leaves bud out, there’s a quality in spring that you don’t see at any other time of the year … Magic happens in spring, and it only happens in spring, so we take advantage of it whenever we can.”

Show Up Early for Best Spring Photography Settings

Layne arrives at a colorful tulip garden at sunrise, explaining that it’s the best time to show up for a spring outdoor photo shoot because you’ll have solitude and no bugs. Some spring mornings can be chilly, even frosty, which can be a good problem, as it can lead to dew drenching the flowers and leaves and set the scene for magnificent images with exquisite water droplets highlighting petals, leaves, and blades of grass.

In the words of Layne, “Get up early, wait for a crisp, sunny day, and go out and have some fun.”


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