Jenny McCoy

How to Fill & Glaze Doughnuts

Jenny McCoy
Duration:   10  mins

Now comes the really fun part of doughnut making: filling and decorating. Join pastry chef Jenny McCoy as she walks you through finishing off those beautiful yeasted doughnuts. Jenny shares pointers on transferring and filling up a pastry bag with a variety of fillings. Then she uses a Bismarck tip to demonstrate filling Long Johns, square Bismark and Italian Bomboloni doughnuts with just the right amount of filling, avoiding any empty air pockets. Finally, she guides you through four different methods of finishing and decorating your doughnuts.

Whether you choose to easily toss your doughnuts to evenly coat the outside with flavored sugars, use a squeeze bottle to create bold striped patterns, pour or dip them and further top them with crushed nuts, sprinkles or even bacon, they are guaranteed to impress your guests! Jenny encourages you to have some fun mixing and matching flavors, colors, and techniques to create new combinations and eye-catching designs.

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