Jenny McCoy

How to Make Frosting from Scratch: Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Jenny McCoy
Duration:   11  mins

Buttercream icing comes in many forms, including store-bought canned icing, traditional powdered sugar American buttercream, and a variety of meringue-based buttercreams. Each variety has different qualities that may or may not be suited for your cake decorating.

In this video Jenny discusses a few styles of buttercream and why she prefers one style over the others. You’ll learn how to make Jenny’s favorite decorating icing: Swiss meringue buttercream. With its shiny look, smooth texture, and delicious flavor, it is a huge step up from the traditional powdered sugar and butter variation. Jenny will take you through each step of the process of making Swiss meringue buttercream from separating your eggs, heating your whites to the proper temperature, and whipping it just the right amount.

She shares helpful tips along the way so you know when your icing is the perfect consistency. And don’t worry, she’ll even show you how to fix any mistakes should they arise. Swiss meringue is perfect for icing cakes and piping decorations. Try this light and delicately sweet icing that sets up firm, but still melts in your mouth.

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