Jenny McCoy

How to Make Flavored Chocolate Mousse

Jenny McCoy
Duration:   25  mins

Light and airy but full of flavor, this chocolate mousse is perfect for layering in a cake or eating straight from the bowl. Join Jenny in the kitchen to see how she creates this luscious mousse using the traditional French pâte à bombe technique. Pâte à bombe simply refers to the base and is used in many recipes which call for raw eggs as it uses a heated sugar syrup to pasteurize the eggs. You’ll learn the proper folding technique for incorporating chocolate and whipped cream to the base to avoid deflating the mousse.

Jenny also discusses how chocolate comes to be by transforming a simple bean in a pod into the tasty treat we all know as a candy bar. Different strengths of chocolate are created using pure cocoa nibs and additives like sugar and milk. Varying the ratio of pure chocolate and these additives creates varieties of chocolate like dark, semi-sweet, and milk. These chocolates all have different characteristics that pair well with certain flavors.

Everything from traditional nuts and fruits to more complex flavors like camomile tea and smoked sea salt can be used to flavor chocolate.

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