Jenny McCoy

How to Make a Stable Whipped Cream Frosting

Jenny McCoy
Duration:   24  mins

Learn to make stabilized whipped cream frosting that holds up well for cake decorating. It’s a simple technique that turns cream into a fluffy yet thick frosting that pairs perfectly with fresh fruit and many styles of cake.

Join Jenny McCoy as she explains the different stages of whipped cream and when you might use these various thicknesses of cream. She even shares tips on how to fix over-whipped cream and the best way to ice darker cakes. Stabilized whipped cream can be used not only to ice a cake but it can also be used for piping quick and simple decor items.

Then, whip up tangier, thicker variations that incorporate crème fraîche, a French style of full-fat sour cream, and mascarpone, an Italian-style cream cheese, to create icing that tones down sweeter cake flavors. These two frostings are naturally thicker than whipped cream frosting and can hold up a little longer out of the refrigerator.

Just like whipped cream, these icings can also be flavored and colored to pair with any cake style and decor.

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