Kateri Ewing

Watercolor Methods: Paint Application

Kateri Ewing
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Duration:   37  mins

Light up your world with watercolors! In this video, you’ll learn the secrets of unlocking two key ingredients for create stunning watercolor paintings: the wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques. Join artist and expert instructor Kateri Ewing as she helps you master these two essential methods for watercolor paint application. Kateri will help you decide which method is right for your project, describing the benefits and drawback of each, then takes your through step by step instructions for employing both techniques.

First, Kateri dives into the wet-on-wet method, showing how it can be used for either a dreamy application or a more controlled result. You’ll learn about water glazing, how to drop in and lift out color, how to employ masking fluid to preserve the white of the paper, and how to sprinkle salt for a unique textured effect. To finish up this portion of the lesson, have fun with a wonderful “Starry Night” exercise to practice these wet-on-wet texture techniques! Next, you’ll explore the wet-on-dry method—excellent for work that requires a more detailed approach. Kateri will show you how to use your brush to create clean, unblended strokes, and how to use the dry-brush technique for more intentionally placed soft and feathered edges.

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