Indoor Walking Workout for Beginners

Chris Freytag
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Duration:   12  mins

Want a quick indoor walking workout to get your heart pumping and burn some calories? If you’re just getting started with exercise or getting back to your workouts after some time off, this indoor walking workout for beginners is perfect for you! Chris Freytag will lead you through this 10-minute routine, encouraging you to do what’s best for your body with motivation and positivity. You’ll start with a quick warm-up and then head right into the walking workout!

This fun indoor walking workout will have you walking in different directions and incorporating things like knee lifts and arm movements to keep things fun and engage different muscles. You’ll get your heart rate up and boost your circulation with this indoor walking workout while still keeping things low-impact on your joints. Low-impact workouts are great for both beginners or people who may have aches and pains and need something that’s easier on the knees and hips. This indoor walking workout is fun and utilizes several different movements and exercises, but it’s not overly complicated, and it’s a great way to introduce your body to exercise.

Indoor walking is one of the most effective forms of exercise around, and it’s also great because you can do it any time of year no matter what the weather is like outside. While walking is always good for your body, if you want to burn more calories and get in shape, make sure you follow along with a walking workout like this one that incorporates different movements and has you work at different intensities. Want more walking workouts? Try our walk and tone program to mix it up with 1- and 2-mile endurance walks, interval walking workouts, and more!