George Vondriska

Making an Arc, Simplified

George Vondriska
Duration:   3  mins

Woodworkers typically become proficient with building square projects, but can be intimidated at the prospect of drawing an arc that will appear in their project. Drawing an arc can be done a few different ways, and some can be complicated and others are error prone. After drawing an arc perfectly, cutting an arc is generally pretty easy. The challenge lies in drawing the arc so that it is balanced and consistent throughout.

The approach that is described here for drawing an arc is straightforward and easily repeatable, and might inspire you to learn more about jigs and fixtures. The steps to this simple process of drawing an arc include:

Mark off some key points. Our instructor George will indicate which points are critical and will be included in your approach to drawing an arc. Once the proper areas are located, tap nails into the points.

Build a jig. George will describe how to build the simple jig, and there is a good chance that you have never seen this one before. It is strictly for the purpose of drawing the specific arc that you want to create, and nothing else.

Draw the arc. Once you have the jig constructed, the process of drawing the arc is straightforward. Use the control points that you established, and move the jig slowly and carefully across the piece while drawing an arc.

You will be amazed by how easy you find the process of drawing an arc when you follow this approach, and how perfect the arc appears on the project. Then, go ahead and practice cutting an arc and see how good it looks in your final project.

If you found this approach useful, be sure to try it on your next project.