Cutting & Glazing Fresh Fruit

Connor Erickson
Duration:   16  mins

Utilizing fresh fruit is not only beautiful, but it’s a delicious way to adorn any fresh cake. From small, delicate berries, to figs and larger tropical fruits, the colors and design options are endless. In this lesson, cake designer Rachael Teufel shares her tips and tricks on creating visually appealing fresh fruit arrangements. While Rachael recommends keeping your fruit whole and intact whenever possible, she also shows you three ways to prolong the life of cut fruit and protect the buttercream.

Whether you use a jelly from your local grocery store, piping gel, or a convenient alcohol-based spray, Rachael shows you how each method varies slightly in appearance from a flat mirror finish to a shiny and wet glaze. Included are tips on arranging fruit to create depth and visual interest from any angle. For more ideas on decorating your cakes check out some of Rachael’s other videos like Piping Basic Borders.